Why Do Birds Fly in Groups

If you are searching for Why Do Birds Fly in Groups then before that let me tell you thousands of bird species are living on this earth and they have different different kinds of capabilities as their comforts. Some birds soar high in the sky and some fly near the ground. a few birds fly alone and few in groups. Even while they are flying in groups that use different kinds of patterns such as circling, v- formation etc. sometimes birds fly in huge flocks in these formations. If you are a bird watcher you noticed these things. I like to sit and watch birds for hours, observe their function and imagine that ‘I wish i was a bird’ then I can fly very high in the sky. While observing the birds I have noticed one such question.

Why Do Birds Fly in Groups? The most common use of birds flying in circles in groups is that they are using thermals to fly higher. while some birds like pigeons use this to find the way to their homes. Thermals are nothing but an updrafts of heated air from earth to sky. These  are commonly found near water , hills or  mountains and near buildings because there is a difference  between two layers of air and warmer air quite little dense so it emerges towards sky lift birds and planes with him. To take advantage of these warm thermals the birds flutter in circular columns of  cozy air.

Why Do Birds Fly in Groups
Why Do Birds Fly in Groups

There are many bird swings in thermals. one of them is a hawk. They usually fly alone in circles but when another hawk sees them they also come to join them. And while doing this, they gather together as a group in one place and start to circle. They do this to find food. Similarly vultures and eagles also soar in circles for the same reason. 

Some little birds also fly in groups in circling. Flying in groups protects them  from the stalkers. Also they can find food easily.

There  can be more reasons for flying in circles such as some birds fly in groups in circles at evening time which is also known as murmuration. This is exactly not defined in science. Scientists are continuously researching it.  It can be observed that they are doing this because of finding food ,way to their homes or may be flying in circles of a huge group protecting them from hunters or something else. These cases are small birds that do not migrate. You can see them near ponds ,rivers or even sitting on the electric wires above the streets.

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