Do The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie

Do the birds work for the bourgeoisie is the question arising in people’s mind from 2020, when a person uploaded a video on tiktok about it. Today I will cover the entire story about it.

Before getting started I want to tell you that we have read that in ancient times birds were used as messengers and they were used by all sections of people. But after the arrival of scientific technologies, humans stopped using them.

Recently, during the pandemic. People in the United States began using pigeons as carriers of their mails. These pigeons proved very productive in the early times and they started reaching the postal distance in a day.

However, later scientists began to doubt their flights that the real bird could never fly so fast and accurate.

Do the birds work for the Bourgeoisie?

It is known that birds work for the bourgeoisie and it all started when a person named Kendrick post a video on social media platform called tik tok which is for funny video and dance and the video refers saying that due to Reagan killing in 1986, all birds died and they are  replaced with spies that are currently watching us. He had made these videos just for fun, maybe he did not even know that this video would become so viral.

After this video went viral, the students started talking on this issue. During this recent epidemic, some people used pigeons as messengers. They were working very well for the first few weeks  and they reached from North Dakota to Florida just in a day.

Seeing their accuracy, scientists started suspecting that real birds cannot do this. This is absolutely impossible especially for pigeons.

Connie Crawford stated that “These birds are not working for all the bourgeoisie but they are specifically working for the Russian bourgeoisie”.

It was exposed when a self-portrait lewd of President Trump was intercepted by the Russian government and after that it was leaked on Facebook. “The birds did it, It was the birds. My hair is the featheriest and they are jealous of them. All birds want my hair” The president stated that.

Do The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie

(origin) The birds work for the bourgeoisie

It came out prominently when a tik tok user Kendrick Smith posted a video on his profile saying that ‘In 1986 Reagan killing happened and many birds died due to that and it was replaced by spies that starts steering at us and the birds work for bourgeoisie”.

Smith was told by a friend of his about the conspiracy theory going viral on the internet and which became a slogan that “birds are not real” But actually are government spies or drones. This video is a combined product of Smith And his friend Cooper but now it turned into something related to internet sensation. Smith or his friend had no idea that anything like this would happen, until his mother’s friends and an Australian reporter started talking about it.

It was also natural for people to consider this because Smith is not an illiterate, he has a degree in Digital Storytelling and English from MU.

He is a filmmaker and a comedian. Together with Cooper, he also runs a production company called ‘Kill My Dog Productions’. He is 23 years old, a young person and his hypnotic and calm voice hovered over Tik Tok for a few months.

After getting viral he came to be known as birds meme guy and he says that the incident of going viral contributed to goals of his career.

He wants to make his name with the help of this platform and also wants to create his future in media and entertainment.

(meaning) The birds work the bourgeoisie

You should understand about the “bourgeoisie” before knowing about ‘the birds work for the bourgeoisie’. There are several definitions about the term, but one of them is more popular and is “a collection of people rich in a certain financial capital and culture”.

If you look at this online Conspiracy then it means that the birds have lost their natural existence. Actually they are drones, operated by the government or the Bourgeoisie and  who always monitor people. Since last year, there has been a voice in the country that birds are not real. There are many facts present to verify this.

Some similar incident has happened with the President as well and the President himself has said that they are birds. Although no real bird will do this, these drone-like birds made by some Bourgeoisie can do this.

the birds are part of the bourgeoisie

Many people also believe that many big traders in America along with the Russian Bourgeoisie have created these birds to monitor or spy on the American people.

From this we can understand that birds are a part of the bourgeoisie but we cannot give proper proof of this. If we take the other aspect of this, it will not make any sense because it is impossible to make birds so well. We can easily differentiate between natural and artificial birds.

This content, created through Tik Tok, shows the versatility of someone, in which consumers are influenced by the content created by others and are able to adapt to it. Tik Tok is a china based social media site that is owned by Bytedance.

Here you can make or post short videos, mames and much more. Douyin is original name in China. it was launched in 2017 for all users of android as well as ios. Many people got fame from this app where people can post their videos about dance, comedy, education etc. Currently it is one of most popular apps in the world.

As You know Bird are the part of our Ecosystem in same way Plant are also a part of this diversity !


Pigeons work for the bourgeoisie

Pigeons are popular and very intelligent bird and they do work for the bourgeoisie when when Regan killed all birds vanished and they time doesn’t come back.

The birds work for the bourgeoisie shirt

Their is popular shirt for the birds work for the bourgeoisie and it was wore by many to remember the past how some birds do work for the higher ups and people to pass on the letters.


Wrap Up

How do I see this, then I feel that there is no truth in it. There may be some truth in this, but I don’t think so. The death of all birds is a threat to our ecosystem and if all have died then why is our environment maintained? If its chain is broken from anywhere in the middle, then it can pose a danger to everyone.

Although I want to make it clear that I am opposed to the “birds are not real”, it may be possible that birds work for Bourgeoisie but still not all.

Some trained birds can be treated as spies and it can be assumed that they can be used by many capitalists for their own benefits. Some trained birds can be used as spies, as they used to be messengers in the past.

We should allow this to be limited to one meme or should do more research on it so that any better results can be reached. Whatever it was, but it created a sensation all over the internet for some time, which is still intact to some extent.

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