Can Squirrels Be Tamed – should you or not

Are you anxious to know Can Squirrels Be Tamed? But before let me tell you squirrels are wild animals. It is very challenging to keep them in a small and closed area. Here I will tell you is it possible to domesticate them as pets, if yes then how to do that.

Can Squirrels Be Tamed?

Yes, but only if you are genuinely dedicated. Taming a squirrel is pretty simple. Food is a marvelous way to tame a squirrel. Having patience and allowing them to use to needs a huge waiting around, But if they once succeeded in doing this, they will be pleased to approach. It also requires your love, care, and fortitude. 

Most people who domesticate the wild squirrels use food. They will keep food around him and then wait, allowing the squirrel to access it without startling. After squirrels start approaching they will gradually place food near them until they can feed them by hand.

If the squirrel comes to you once and does not feel any danger, then she will gladly expect more food from you. This type of behavior may encourage other animals to do the same. If the squirrel is tamed once, then some people might voluntarily allow them to keep it in their house.

Can Squirrels Be Tamed

Should You Tame Wild Squirrels?

The main question here should not be whether it is possible to tame wild squirrels but it should be whether you should do so? Unfortunately, not!

Squirrels can be as deadly and cause problems as they are cute. If you succeed in catching a wild squirrel in your yard, it will quite difficult to tame them in your home. You can contact any Wildlife Rehabilitator near to you. After feeling danger they can harm you by biting or scratching with their sharp nails.

Even in your home, if you want to invite them there. This will increase their chances of using a hidden place like your attic as a nest. It means that after this they will start munching and chewing on your pipes, wires, wooden boards, ducts and more, Causing your assets damage or even there could be fire hazards in the future.

Of course, the viability of the diseases and damage is bad enough but taming these wild creatures you are potentially damaging them, too. You must be surprised to hear that if you are just feeding, what harm then. Relying on humans for food can harm their life in the wild. It will decrease their survival abilities and also can change their conception of humans, Seeing them as less threatening can put squirrels in danger. 

How To Tame A Wild Squirrel

How To Tame A Wild Squirrel

Before answering, I want to warn you that squirrels are wild creatures, they can bite or claw you while trying to tame them. 

Patience, perseverance and dedication play an important role when you trying to tame a squirrel. Baby squirrels are easy to domesticate as compared to an adult, but not everyone is lucky enough to get a kitten to tame in their nearby. If you find a little one then you can try. 

Create a place where they roam and you can put food for them to eat. A curtilage with trees and plants is a good place to find and feed them. You have to let them know that your yard is a secure region for them to graze, forage and even to nesting. Provide them foods like sunflower seeds, peanuts, or squirrel food blend. 

In the beginning, you should stay away from that area so that it cannot see you. Gradually you keep the food so that it can see you. Allow them to eat food even in your presence, they will slowly get accustomed to using this food you have left. The more they see you putting the food there, the more they will relate you with good things and will reduce the fear of your approach. With-in a very short time, you will see that they are getting closer to you. 

Once they trust you, then try to go to them. Going straight to them can scare them, reducing the distance every day is the right thing to do. Encourage them to move closer till you reach them very close and they do not start eating from your hands. It may take weeks or even months for them to build up the courage. When they start accepting nuts you will see that they are arriving more than a time in your yard.

Wrap up

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