Do Elephants Eat Meat?

If you are searching for Do Elephants Eat Meat then before that let me tell you Being the largest animal in the world, what do elephants eat is one of very common questions arising in people’s mind. Everyone is familiar with the fact that elephants are the biggest land creature. It is a natural thing that such a big animal would eat too much food. And that’s right, a large quantity of calories is required to sustain their life. If you are interested in knowing about elephants, do elephants eat meat? This article will be helpful for you. Here I have explained everything about the topic.

Do Elephants Eat Meat? Elephants are pure or strict herbivore animals and eat plant based products only. They do not prefer to eat any kind of other animals or their meat. Their diet mostly consists of leaves, grasses, seeds, fruits, barks and roots of the trees. They almost eat most of the parts of a tree. Elephants adapted themselves to take naturally grown leaves and water. The outer as well as inner parts of their body have been adapted to serve vegetarian food.

Before we talk more about elephant non eating habits of meat, let me tell you about herbivores. The word herbivore originated from herbivora, a Latin word. This word is a combination of two different words Herbi + Vora, where the word Herbi refers to “a small herb or plant” and Vora means “to eat”. By which we mean that animals that only eat vegetation.

Not eating meat by elephants is very important for our ecosystem. They eat too much food every day. If these animals start eating others, then in a short time other animals will become deficient. According to my personal experience I never heard of eating elephant meat.

Do Elephants Eat Meat

Do elephants eat other animals?

Seeing the large size of elephants, everyone would feel that they would be a good hunter and that is why people are afraid of them. But that’s not all, they are very cute and quiet animals. However, when they get angry, they become very indignant and can also harm someone.

They cannot be counted as poachers in any way. They do not kill any animal without reason. When a hunter attacks their herds, they can only attack them in their defense. And it is natural to do this, every creature can fight with others for the safety of himself or loved ones.

Elephants do not attack anyone unnecessarily. Although if they feel that another animal can pose some kind of danger to them, then they can also kill them.

Female elephants are slightly more sensitive in this case. If they get a clue from anywhere that there is a danger to their children, then they become more protective.

The important reason for their not killing other organisms can be that they need to eat a lot of food. They cannot get more food or so many calories from the flesh of organisms so that their large body can remain fully functioning.


What do elephants eat?

It is a natural question that arises in the minds of people that if elephants do not eat meat then what do they eat? I have already told you that elephants are vegetarian animals. Twigs, bark, leaves, grasses, fruits and flowers are the main component of their diet.

On some special occasions, you can see them as eating the bark and roots of trees. When they see green things around them, they will break it by making it the latch of their trunk and eat it.

They spend most of their time browsing the  green vegetations in the forests. And it is essential for them to maintain such a gigantic figure.

Elephants not only eat too much but also drink too much water. The average diet of mature elephants consists of about 150 kg to 200 kg of food and they drink about 40 to 45 liters of water.

Since they mostly live in tropical areas, hence elephants are required to remain hydrated at all times. They exploitage the water to reduce their body temperature and stay cool during the summery days.

However the amount of their food may change according to their condition/age. Young children, old, and sick elephants eat less than young ones. Similarly to get enough calories a pregnant female also has to eat more food. Also the type of their meal can vary in different areas, which depends on the environment of the place of their habitats.


Are elephants carnivorous?

No, elephants are not carnivorous. They do not consume any kind of meat. Elephants are strictly herbivores organisms and eat only products made from plants like leaves, twigs, barks and roots of trees, fruits, seeds and a variety of grasses. It is a fact that African elephants are predominantly browsers while Asian elephants are mainly known as the grazers. 

Elephants can eat up to one and a half quintals in a day, while they can drink up to 40 gallons or 11 gallons of water. If they eat other animals at same speed as they eat vegetation, then it will become a threat to our ecology. I can say that it is a boon for this planet that the elephants are not carnivorous.

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