Can Dog Poop be Used as Fertilizer

Dogs are one of the most reared animals in the world. You will also have a dog, otherwise in the neighborhood you will definitely and it will also be possible that you will be troubled by its poop. But have you ever thought about Can Dog Poop Be Used As Fertilizer? If you have not, then you must consider. Can it be used as manure for plants in the garden, such as cow dung? Read on for the detailed information about the topic.

Can Dog Poop Be Used As Fertilizer

Unfortunately, dog poop is not used as compost or fertilizer in our garden. There are many reasons for this, such as it takes a lot of time to decompose, the diet of most domesticated dogs is made up of high protein substances, due to which their waste is very acidic, or we have better fertilizer as cow or pig dung. It does not mean that we cannot use it. We can! But in very little ways. Here are some reasons which describe that why dog’s poop can not be used as fertilizer

1. Availability of more nutritional manure

From ancient times, the waste of domesticated and vegetarian animals such as cows, sheep, goats etc is used as a fertilizer. Right now we have various types of artificial fertilizers available, but when they were not there, only fertilizers made from animal manure were used in the fields. Cow or goat dung is nothing but slightly digested plant fiber, which is relatively safe to us. 

Als0, the cow manure doesn’t smell bad and within a few days it will break down to small particles, after which it does not look like dirt. You will not be disgusted by seeing this fertilizer. On the other hand, the dog poop has very low fiber content while the protein segment is very high, due to which it smells very bad. Just as human skat is capable of spreading various types of diseases, dog poop is also less safe for us. Dogs can spread intestinal infections in humans, and it has been seen many times that dogs often have human infections because they live very close to us.

Can Dog Poop be Used as Fertilizer

2. Less Nutritious

The diet of dogs contains high proteins and when it breaks down, it becomes very acidic. So, it can not be used in your garden. Since the cow manure is made of green vegetation (cows, goats are herbivorous and mainly eat plant based products) that caw ate, hence it contains all the right nutrients that are required to grow a plant. Cow manure provides an ideal environment of nutrients for plants so that they can grow through or in cow dung. Dog’s manure is high protein or nitrogen rich and when it splits into its initial components it becomes completely acidic (proteins mainly divide into amino acids), which can even burn the roots of trees / plants.


On the other hand, The amount of potassium in dog manure is very low, which may result in the promotion of leafy vegetarian products rather than the production of fruits and flowers. Acidic nature of dog’s poop can be diluted by mixing a large quantity of soil. 

3. Bad Bacteria

A dog’s body is always riddled with a huge number of bacteria, but they remain ineffective until their immune system is weakened. As dogs have low immunity, these bacteria / viruses start causing problems, which are fatal for them as well as us. Studies suggest that one gram of dog poop consists of about 23 million Fecal Coliform Bacteria, which can vitiate our surroundings or waterways and cause bad diseases in humans. It is believed that dogs are valuable hosts for bacteria that are harmful to you and so maybe you don’t like using it in your garden. 

4. Takes Long Time to Break Down

You will not believe at all that it takes 1 year for the poop of the dog to be completely decapitated. Your lawn or garden will look brown, patchy and messy. However, regular and daily cleaning of dog manure can change it in a few months or weeks. With my suggestion, you should not allow your dog to urinate and defecate in order to keep your garden or lawn clean.

5. It May Contain Harmful Parasites.

Not only millions of bacteria but the dog’s feces could also contain a huge variety of parasites. Some of these parasites are very dangeruous to humans and could be the cause to infect people – For example coccidia, parvovirus, trichinosis, hookworms, roundworms, and Giardia etc. You can prevent them by regular scooping.

 can dog poop be used as compost

How to Dispose of Dog Poop at Home

OK, I recently told you that dog poop cannot be used as fertilizer greatly, so you might be wondering how we can decompose our dog feces at home. Here I am going to tell you the ways how you can dispose of your dog poop in a green way, so it can not harm the  environment. 

1. Flushing

You can also flush your dog’s defecation in the toilet. Anyway, our waste also goes there. For this you can use special types of flushable bags, which are specifically made for this intention. Remember that do not use plastic bags or do not flush the plastic bags that you are using for your daily purpose, they can cause many problems. It can be more fun when you apply your spoon race skills to it, which you played a long time ago.

2. Use Mini Septic Tank

Use mini septic tanks to dispose of your dog’s poop, these tanks are specifically made for this purpose. For this, you have to make a pit in your backyard and install a bucket in it. After that keep storing your dog’s defecation and add enzyme powder with water every week.

3. Use Green Bins

Many municipalities like Toronto and Waterloo have encouraged the use of green bins for the disposal of dog poop. Many other municipalities are also coming forward in this task. You can put your dog’s defecation in these bins by wrapping it on a newspaper or a paper, or by putting it in a paper bag or certified

compostable plastic. If the change has not happened in your area, then you should demand for modification from the municipal waste management working in your area.

4. Burrying

You might find it strange after listening to this but if you have a big backyard you can bury it. The way to dig a hole and immerse your dog’s poop in it would be a nature-friendly way to dispose it. But keep the following things in mind before burial

Do not bury directly under any plant.

Keep a gap of one month before using the same hole again.

The hole should be 12 to 15 inches deep so that your dog cannot detect it or dig it.

Is dog poop good fertilizer for flowers

5. Hire a Composting Company

You will find many composting companies either online or offline that deal with your dog’s defecation. Read their rules and policies carefully and properly. If you like it, then you can call them for collection

6. Worm Farming

Worm farming is one of the most practical, natural, nature-friendly and a green way to discharge dog poop. Most importantly, You do not even need to go outside for this, rather this work can be done in the yard of your house. Not only your dogs poop but kitchen waste, paper and other degradable waste can be disposed of in worm farms. You can find the worm kit online and install in your backyard. Worms eat and digest the waste and remove the bad odor. The warm waste can be used in your garden as soil conditioner and the drained liquid can be used as fertilizer. 

Is Dog Poop Good For Vegetable Gardens

If you are using your dog’s fresh stool in your garden, it can be very harmful to you and your flora, because it contains numerous pathogens. The dog poop can acidify your garden soil and your trees-plants may fall ill. There is a lot of evidence here that roundworms and parasitic pathogens present in the feces of pets, can transfer to humans.

Although there are absolutely many chances that you can use your dog’s feces in your garden, Just for this you have to do a little work and that is by decomposing it to compost and then using it. For which you can use different methods digging a hole in your backyard, worm farming, mini septic bins etc. 

Is Dog Poop Biodegradable

Yes, dog poop is absolutely biodegradable, but it takes too long time to decompose properly. Also, it contains numbers of harmful parasites and bacteria, which are bad for your vegetation and your water system. From this it can be concluded that pick it in a bag or wrap the poop in paper/newspaper and throw it far away. Do not think that after decomposing it could be used as fertilizer and give a boost to your soil. 

What is Dog Poop Good For

As we already mentioned that the dog pop is biodegradable and can be used as fertilizer after decomposing. Do not use it directly, use it as fertilizer. For which you can use a hole in your yard and worm kit. Put your dog’s poop with other organic waste like paper, peels of fruits and vegetables, leaves into it and leave the rest of work for microbes. These micro-organisms will break down these organic wastes into humus.

In this whole process, the temperature rises from about 55 to 65 degrees, thereby eliminating many of the bacteria. Later you can use this manure in your garden to increase your soil fertility. Additionally, If you put some earthworms in it, then the process will be speedier and more will be good.

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “Can Dog Poop Be Used As Fertilizer” and want to read more such amazing articles check below.

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