Why Do Dogs Bark At Night

If you are curious about Why Do Dogs Bark At Night but Before that let me tell you dogs are the best animals we have as pets and they understand humans and we also understand them so much. At Night when they bark there’s a reason behind it and why what happened to them suddenly started barking and disturb our sleep. Below is the answer to this question.

Why Do Dogs Bark At Night?

Dogs are one of most cradled animals in the world, popularly famous for their Integrity and loyalty. Genetical properties of dogs are very similar to wolves, it is believed that the origin of dogs is from genetic divergence of wolves. But currently they have been particularly bred for a large variety of physical attributes, sensory abilities and behaviors. There is a wide diversity of size, color and shapes of dogs. Dogs are very sensitive and loving animals and considered to be good friends of humans. They play different roles for humans like hunting, load pulling, taking parts in championships, assisting the military, police and task forces, herding, playing with kids, protection, supporting disabled persons and providing medical related assistance. Sometimes dogs show very odd behavior which many people don’t like at all, such as barking at night! Obviously, if you go on your bed  to get a good sleep after a day’s fatigue and someone will  scream loudly then it is natural that you will also get angry.

Before going to the answer you should know why dog barks? Barking is a kind of vocal communication that is used by dogs, just like humans do. They will produce different sounds with differ rhythms depending upon the situation.

why do dogs bark at night
why do dogs bark at night?

What do you think about Why Do Dogs Bark At Night? Dogs barking at night does not mean that they want to drive you crazy or they like to hear their voice again and again. It has often been seen that dogs bark at night for a good reason. There are many reasons behind dogs barking at night like seeing other animals or strangers, alarming others, seeking attention, loneliness or boredom and much more. Some main reasons are given below

1. Hunger

Hunger is one of the most possible reasons for barking at night. The reason for this may be either the lack of food for a long time or not getting adequate food in their meal. Maybe they want to say that they are hungry, this is more commonly seen in street dogs. If you have a dog in your home, then it can be resolved, you should give your dog fine food in the morning and evening. What to know, after this their barking is reduced.

2. Boredom

Dogs are generally very active animals and they need daily exercises. Unfortunately they don’t get it all day long. If your dog is sitting around like twiddles all day and does not play any exercise or sport, it is natural that he will manifest this unusual behavior at night. If he does not do any exercise, your dog is more likely to bark at night. So you have to make sure that your dog plays and exercises in sufficient quantity every day. The simplest way to do this is to take him for a walk in the morning as well as in the evening. By doing this, not only that, but you will also exercise.

3. Lack of Proper Care

Dogs can often be seen barking at night when they are not well taken care of. The sounds made by them on this occasion are a little strange and engrossing. Which can either be curious or intimidating for you. The best way to reduce this is to take good care of your dog.

4. Fear

Dogs are mostly seen barking when they feel insecure. If you allow your dog to go out alone at night, then it turns out to be a strange noise. You will feel good and a bit surprised to know that he is producing these voices to check whether you are aware or not. If the sounds are annoying you, then you should not let your dog go out alone at night or it is tied on a leash. Instead of opening the door and leaving your dog openly, make sure it is tied on the strap Until he learns the desired behavior.

5. Pain

They can do this even when they are feeling pain or they are uncomfortable to sleep. It means they want to draw your attention and   you should also pay attention to it. If you see any symptoms of pain, then I recommend you take him to a medical examination immediately. You can find out the outer wounds directly, but sometimes the pain is inside the body which only they can feel.

6. Loneliness

You have often noticed that your dog barks at night when he is alone. The loneliness of dogs is a major reason for their barking at night. dogs are very social and friendly animals. They always want to be with someone but you are busy in your office and home work and don’t have time to play with them. In such a situation, your dog has to be lonely all day. It is very difficult for them to spend such a big day without someone, as it is for you. This loneliness can be bad for your dog and can lead to an undesirable behavior. Especially, when you recently adopt a new puppy, it takes time to adapt to the new environment. According to me the best way to avoid this is to spend time with him, play with him, take him for a walk

7. Noises

Dogs are more sensitive towards noise and aren’t able to sleep in noisy and distractive surrounding. You must have heard the saying that sleep should be like dogs, because they wake up even when there is a very small sound. Although there may be peace inside your house or apartment, but the sounds coming from outside can disturb them. In case of thief like thigs that can harm you and you property, it can also be a sign to caution you. Similarly, there are many chances that some pests or animals are roaming inside or near your house. And when the dogs hear their voice, they start barking to drive them away.

8. Wildlife

Dogs are very sensitive animals and have the ability to smell from a long distance. Most of the dogs keep interest in wild animals such as raccoon, squirrel or deer. It is true that in nighttime you can not hear or see these animals but dogs can. Researchers have assumed that dogs bark at noises and movements at night. And mostly coyoptes and raccoons are real culprits. 

9. Neighboring Dogs

The group barking is a result when one dog barks and the other dog hears him and follow rhythm. It is also known as social facilitative barking. Since dogs are creature sharing this planet with us, so it is is natural that they will also responsive to the behavior of other dogs. It is an assumption that if a dog is making noise there must be a fortunate reason. Hence, with all dogs in your area, your dog will also chime in. So neighboring dogs are one reason for dogs barking at night. 

10. Age

Age might be a factor for dogs barking at night. As they get older their muscles, joints become nosogenic and cause the dogs to bark at night. It will be more frequent when your dog is showing any kind of discomfort at night as well as day. In this situation you should consult with a vet and pay more attention to your dog. 

11. Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection can be a cause that your dog is barking at night because she/he wants to go outside or in the toilet to relieve himself. There are some symptoms of UTI including bloody urine, whimpering while urinating, straining, often licking from the genital area and others. If you seen any one of these symptoms I recommend you to take an advice of doctors.  

12. Needing to go for pee or poop

If you dogs need to go out for poop or pee then it is common that he will make a sound. It can be possible that these sounds are not loud but they are enough to wake you. Many times, it also happens to me. Initially, I too had a problem in understanding it but after some time I started to understand.

Why Street Dog Barks at Night

Dogs are very social and territorial animals. Street dogs can have all the reasons written above at night barking. Some of which are prominent, such as if they are afraid, which is often seen

They do not like that any other animal lives in their area. They will bark at night when they see another dog is roaming in their territory. If they find an unfamiliar person  passing through them whom they have not seen at all, then they start barking at it. Even they can bite it. Dogs outside my street sometimes don’t even let me in at night. It’s their natural behavior.

It is also possible that they are suffering with pain and uncomforted in sleeping. They don’t have anyone to take care of them. Sometimes they even bark because other dogs are barking and they are following them.

why do dogs bark at night for no reason
why do dogs bark at night for no reason

How Can You Stop Dog barking At Night

Do you want to stop your dog barking at night? If the app is also disturbed by your dog’s nighttime barking habits and wants to stop it then follow the following steps

1. Medical consultation

First of all it is important that you get your dog tested by a veterinarian. If your dog has suddenly started barking at night and was getting good sleep before then, you should think to yourself once if your dog is sick. If your dog’s behavior seems a bit different and sad, then he will definitely get benefit from his health checkup. 

Older dogs are more prone to health problems. As age increases, the depth of diseases also increases. In such a situation, you should make sure that your dog is constantly being tested by a vet. Bladder infaction and upset infection can be the causes of dogs barking at night.  If you see any symptoms of  infaction like blood in urine, frequent peeing, often licking the genital etc, it is necessary to call  an animal doctor.

Dementia is very common in elederly dogs and madical check up will help them to take a good nap at night instead of barking. 

2. Get him exercise or training every day

If you feel that your dog is healthy and he still barks at night. Then it is also possible that he is not doing his daily exercises. You should take care that he gets proper exercise, for this you should take him for a walk. or, you can increase the time of its exercise, for example if he was exercising only for 45 minutes earlier, then increase it to 1 hour or one and half hour’s vigorous training. If your dog is not already trained to practice then  train him but if he is trained, it does not mean that he does not need to support. You also practice with him for a few days. So that his mind can engage in yoga practice and sleep peacefully at night.

3. Do not encourage their behavior 

As we have already discussed above that they will bark at night to get some reward or extra attention from you. If you fulfill these desires, your dog may increase his nighttime barking habits. In this case you should avoid giving more attention to your dog while he is barking at night and don’t give any reward at all.

4. Time to Time and Proper Diet

You should ensure that your dog is getting the right diet at the proper time. You should not feed your dog in too late and try to feed him directly before bedtime. So, he can get a better sleep. You should also make sure that the proper amount of nutritional ingredients is available in their food. It would be right to change his food at the right time also, do not give him one meal every day. Eating the same type of food every day can also cause boredom.

5. Check For Possible Disruption

Ensure that the environment of your dog is ideal, try to remove as many interruptions as you can. Such as, Check his bed thoroughly to see if it is wet or if there is anything inconvenient in it. You also have to keep in mind that your dog’s room is neither too cold nor too hot, nor too noisy and nor too bright. 

Avoiding external disturbances can be a bit tricky, such as the arrival of mice or other wildlife near your home, or the quarrels of neighbors’ cats. For this, you can change your dog’s sleeping area, where such noises are less.

How To Stop Dog Barking At Night Outside

If your dog is out of the house alone at night, the main reason for his barking may be his fear. For which you have to do a very easy job not to leave it out in the open at night. Barking it outside at night also indicates a potential danger, such as a wild animal or an unknown person roaming near your house. Barking it outside at night also indicates a potential danger, such as a wild animal or a thief is roaming near your house. If your dog barks sharply by pointing to one side, then you should understand that there is someone there.

Why is my Dog Barking at Night all of a Sudden

It is natural to bark at night but if your dog also started barking suddenly at night for no reason then you should go to check it. In my opinion these are the reasons behind this

  1. He/she is feeling some pain.
  2. He/she is alarming or alerting you from perceived intruders.
  3. Furthermore, he/she is forced by his habit, or he is bored.
  4. Dementia or old age
  5. Separation anxiety

Why do Dogs Howl at Night

There could be many reasons for dogs to howl at night like injury, pain, loneliness, communication, long distance, territoriality. Howling is an autonomic response of your dog. According to many researchers that are studying an animal’s behavior; your dog’s behavior of night barking  doesn’t mean that something bad is about to happen. There are some key reasons behind your dog’s howling at night 

  1. Warn potential predators that infiltrate the area
  2. Want to communicate with each other
  3. Calling their lost members 
  4. Call others when hunting
  5. Help them find if they fall apart
  6. They are bored and need some company

Dogs Barking at Night Spiritual Meaning

I think there is no spiritual meaning behind the dogs barking at night. As people believe dogs bark at night when they see a ghost, but I think it is nothing but superstition. If a dog is barking, it has a simple meaning that somthing is disturbing him. He might be feeling some pain, or his stomach is upset, or he is hungry and bored and many other reasons. But you taking this in a very different way. That is wrong! I am not sayig that it can’t happen but think practically. 

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “Why Do Dogs Bark At Night” and Want to read more such amazing articles check below.


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